Lutterworth High School

Year 7 Useful Apps and Login Details

About this page

This page contains some useful applications which you can download on your phone to help out with school. Also this page will have information/login details about many websites which we use at school.


EduLink One App is our main application which we use at Lutterworth High School, we use this for our main communication system between parents and students. Edulink is used for setting homework for students, and also to access elements such as class timetables, achievement, and school reports.

School reports, behaviour, and achievements can be accessed on the app.

Parents - please refer to here for registration instructions

Students - Students will log into the app using the following details:

School ID: LE17 4QH or Lutterworth

Student login details:

Username: PC Username

Password: PC Password


Google is service that all students will use at LHS. Google is used for students to access Google Classroom, Drive, Slides, Docs, Gmail, etc.

Teachers use Google to set homework via Google classroom within Google Classroom where you will be able to see the group you are in and the tsk which has been set.

Students can use Google Drive to store any classwork / homework and are able to access our Google systems from home.

Student Details:

All students will have been issued with a google login (

Username: (First Initial + Surname) e.g. Joe Bloggs is

If the student has forgotten their password, please tell them to pop down to the eServices Office.

O365 - Teams

Office 365 (Teams) is an area where students can check for any room changes have been made or different notices which have been added

Student Login: (First Initial + Surname) e.g. Joe Bloggs is

Password : PC Password


Kerboodle is a website that students will use in their lessons which are, Science, MFL and Geography. Kerboodle will have many resources to help students and hosts a range of textbook based materials.

Student details:

All students have been issued with a Kerboodle login, and is based on the following format:

Username: (First Initial + Surname) e.g. Joe Bloggs = jbloggs

Password: (First Initial + Surname) e.g. Joe Bloggs = jbloggs

Institution Code: je7

Any issues with passwords please come down to the eServices Office


SOCS is a website where students can register their co-curricular attendance to school clubs and activities - these can consist of Sports e.g. Football, Rugby, Netball etc.

Others can include: Minecraft Club, Art Club, Science Club, DofE and many more.

Student details:

All students have access to SOCS, to access they need to click on the Student section, then 'Sign in With Google' as above int he google section by using their google account.

Student Logins: Students use their Google accounts.