Lutterworth High School

Technology Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)

About this page

This webpage contains the Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for Lutterworth High Schools Remote Learning Technology Provision.

Please read all of the available information carefully.

NOTE: This Page has been edited to contain only the AUPs in use during the COVid-19 Pandemic, and for any other live lesson scenarios and contains:

Virtual Classroom / Video Conferencing AUPs

The below AUPs are for the Video conference style lessons delivered via our video conferencing platforms including Google Meets and Microsoft Teams.

Please read all the information below carefully:

Student Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Teachers will not communicate with students outside the hours of 8.50am to 3pm; we do not expect you to be working outside of these hours.

  2. Students must be dressed appropriately for the duration of the video lesson.

  3. Students must remain on mute until invited to speak.

  4. Students should be ready and waiting at the starting time of the lesson – this means work out ready with writing equipment ready receive the call via Google Meet.

  5. Students are prohibited from recording or capturing/screen grabbing content from the video call.

  6. Students should remain in a public part of their house wherever possible.

  7. Devices should not be used in the bathroom or anywhere in the house your parent’s do not give permission.

  8. Students may have their school Google Accounts suspended temporarily if they behave inappropriately.

Parent/Carer Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Parents should ensure that students are appropriately dressed for sessions.

  2. Parents should ensure that students are aware of the need to behave in a session delivered by video link in the same way as if they were in school with the member of staff. If a student is behaving inappropriately, we may suspend their school Google account temporarily.

  3. Parents should ensure other family members are out of camera shot and do not contribute to the video call.

  4. Parents should ensure the students are familiar with how the whole process works. And make sure that your child knows their login so that they are ready to go at the appointed time.

Parent Evening Policies:

  1. Conversations should take place in appropriate rooms eg kitchen, lounge, study and not in a bedroom

  2. All participants should be appropriately attired as they would be for a real life face to face meeting

  3. Conversations should NOT be recorded. Please ensure to make notes if neccesary

  4. If you are using a device to enable both parents from different households to attend simultaneously (i.e. a WhatsApp video Call) please make the teacher aware as a matter of courtesy at the start of the conversation

  5. As in real life, your child is welcome to attend

  6. Please be prompt as the slot times are set automatically and will start/finish exactly on time

  7. Please prepare any questions that you may have about your child ahead of the meeting.

Teacher Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Teachers will host live lessons where and when they find this will enhance the learning experience for the students.

  2. Teachers will send the invite to students for the live lesson the morning of the scheduled lesson.

  3. Teachers will be dressed appropriately and remain professional throughout the video.

  4. Teachers will ensure no other family members are on view of the camera.

  5. Teachers will ensure they conduct all videoing with a plain background.

  6. Teachers will not communicate with students outside the hours of 8.50am to 3pm.

  7. Videos may be recorded for safeguarding purposes. These are stored automatically on the school’s cloud account.

  8. No video lessons will be one-to-one without prior arrangement and approval by SLT. If only one student turns up for the meeting you can send a message on SMHW as a reminder. If no one else arrives after reminder end the vid