Lutterworth High School

The EduLink App

The EduLink App

The EduLink App provides a convenient and accessible way for us to communicate with parents on some of the main aspects of daily school life.

It's easy to use and accessible from a smart phone, tablet or PC.

The EdulinkOne app allows parents to view latest school reports, update any contact/medical info, and view student behaviour, and achievements too.

If you haven't already been issued with login details, please contact the Edulink team on the below email address.

For any technical queries please email:


An invitation has been sent in a separate email from a 'LHS Edulink ’ address - with the email subject of 'LHS EduLink - Your login details

Please check your inbox and also your spam/junk folder/s for this email.

It is advised that this process is completed whilst connected to a secure WiFi with strong signal

Download the App

Go to your mobile device’s app store (Apple Store or Google play store) and search for 'EdulinkOne' and press download/Install to download the EdulinkOne app.

Registration Instructions:

1. Accept the invitation

You will receive an email from ''. Press the link contained within the email to allow you to create your parent account, and set your Edulink account password.

2. Set Password

From clicking the password link in the previous step, you will then be asked to set your new password. You will need to enter your new password twice, then once you have finished tick the green 'LOGIN' button.

Please ensure you choose a good strong password and ensure it contains symbols, uppercase and lowercase characters along with numbers too.

3. Now that you have set your password...

Now that you have set your password, you will be logged onto the web version of Edulink and you should see towards the top of the app that it will contain your full name, then just below you will see your children just below that attend the school. Now please follow the next step below to sign into the app itself for the first time...

4. Signing into the Edulink app part 1:

Now that you have created yoru parent account and set a good strong password, go to the EdulinkOne app on your phone and you will then see the login screen.

Where it asks for the school ID or Postcode simply enter: LE174QH for the ID to take you to the sign in parent page for LHS.

(The code used here is for example purposes only)

Then click register.

5.Signing into the Edulink app part 2:

You will then see the Lutterworth High school portal where you will need to enter your username and password to login.

Now, enter your parent username in the username field, (you can type this in, or copy and paste this over from the email from the school) then enter the new strong password that you have just created.

Tip - tick the Remember Me? box to save your username/password to make the sign in easier next time round!

6.Now that you have logged into the app:

Now you will be signed into the Edulink Parent dashboard. If you have more than one student enrolled at Lutterworth High school you should see both students to switch between. (If you have a student that attends another school, you will need a seperate login to login with to gain access to the information at the other school)

Web view:

App view:

7. Profile view of child:

Now you have clicked/tapped on the student, you will see the following sections:

Homework - View the homework that your child has been set by the school.

Attendance - displays your child's attendance

Behaviour - Behaviour Points, and Detentions

Achievement: - House points, Merit, Hot Choc, Staff achievement comments etc.

Timetable - View your child's timetable

Links - View useful links to other parental platforms, and links for students that LHS offers.

Absence Reporting - Report student absence for your child to the school via the app.

Update Information - should you need to update information relating to your child/yourself you can update address, medical, cultural, travel, and parental consent. If you have made any changes here, this will automatically be sent to the Data Team to ensure your child's information is kept up to date on our systems.

Reports - View your child's latest and previous school reports from the school. (These will download in PDF form.)

Calendar - View events happening in the LHS Calendar this year!

Account info - View student information such as House, Form, Year, and student's Form Tutor:

Messages - View and reply to any messages sent from the school to you.

That's it, you should now have successfully set up your Edulink Parent Account successfully!

Web View:

App view:

If you require any further assistance please contact the Edulink app team via email to: or click/tap HERE